Ferazel's Wand

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Re: Ferazel's Wand

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Yes, the SDL renderer uses direct3d or opengl (or software), not the emulated OS.
I don't know the specifics, the commit message is not that informative about performance


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Re: Ferazel's Wand

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Can y'all please PLEASE tell me how to access Ferazel's Wand on my modern computer. I can't seem to find it anywhere but you guys seem to have figured it out. Is SheepShaver the name of the emulator? Can anyone give me a little breakdown on how to access the game?
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Re: Ferazel's Wand

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You will need to use an emulator like SheepShaver that can run classic MacOS.
The issue that prevented running Ferazel's Wand in SheepShaver was solved back in 2012.
See our SheepShaver setup manuals.
For Windows hosts: https://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/sheepshaver_setup
For OSX/macOS hosts: https://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/sh ... os_x_setup
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