Word freezes OS 8.6

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Word freezes OS 8.6

Post by TiddK »

The three setups I have are
1. System 7.5.3 running in Basilisk II
2. OS 8.6 running in Sheepshaver
3. OS 9.0.4..."......."........."...........as a .sheepvm (shockingly unstable - often freezes)

Of these, the only one I use regularly is OS 8.6

I have Word 5.1 in all three, all from the same source. In 7.5.3 and 9.0.4 it runs fine - with just a few fonts in the former, and apparently picking up all my OS X fonts in the latter.

In 8.6 there are many more fonts than 7.5.3 but not nearly as many as 9.0.4 - but when I launch Word it hangs at the ID box stage and the whole OS freezes. It would be nice to at least launch Word in 8.6 so I can see my documents from the time.

Any ideas what the problem might be? (I have already tried trashing Word and copying it back, but I can't guarantee to have trashed all associated bits and pieces of it in the System Folder).
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