Cannot Map Sheepshaver Data are: No Error

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Cannot Map Sheepshaver Data are: No Error

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After getting sheepshaver to work fairly well last night (I got as far as getting it to load the CD image, but I didn't know it had to be set to read-only, so it kept throwing an error in OS9), but today when I try to continue to work on this, trying to actually load sheepshaver causes it to throw this error (or lack of?).
I've tried mussing with all the settings, and even re-downloading and starting over with a fresh copy of sheepshaver.
This is on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
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Re: Cannot Map Sheepshaver Data are: No Error

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Welcome! This error is related to software already running on your machine and taking up memory sheepshaver wants to use. Please restart your machine, try to shut down as many applications as you can and start SheepShaver again. You might also try to allocate less memory to your SheepShaver (but not less than 64 Mb).

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