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 Post subject: OS 8.5 freezing
PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2004 10:50 am 
Student Driver
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Joined: Tue Mar 23, 2004 1:06 pm
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There's sure a problem with Sheepshaver in my Gentoo. I'm using the same CD of Mac OS 8.5 that worked fine in Mandrake 10.
Freezes with JIT enabled (during initial Mac OS 8.5 start from CD) and exits with this message when JIT is disabled.
I have tried all combinations of Ignore illegal access and JIT.
Maybe something with kernel 2.6.3 ??

Any1 knows what can i do ?

SheepShaver V2.2 by Christian Bauer and Mar"c" Hellwig
Reading ROM file...
Using /dev/sound/dsp audio output
PowerPC CPU emulator by Gwenole Beauchesne
pc 0x80c3ccd
ea 0xfffffffc
cpu main
r0 205dc398 r1 22ff3ed8 r2 205e2800 r3 205ee3ac
r4 2012bcc0 r5 00000000 r6 205ee370 r7 fffffffc
r8 205ee3ac r9 00000034 r10 00000002 r11 201c0938
r12 00000000 r13 205af100 r14 2000277c r15 205b56f0
r16 00000000 r17 00000001 r18 22ff4010 r19 00000020
r20 43443338 r21 205e5e38 r22 22ff3f10 r23 205e6030
r24 22ff3f14 r25 205e93ac r26 2012bcc0 r27 00000026
r28 00000000 r29 2060f320 r30 205e9044 r31 205f4e94
f0 0.00000 f1 0.00000 f2 0.00000 f3 0.00000
f4 4503600320184362.00000 f5 4503600319682594.00000 f6 4503599627622221.00000 f7 251725.00000
f8 4503599627622221.00000 f9 251725.00000 f10 0.00000 f11 0.00000
f12 501768000.00000 f13 0.00100 f14 0.00000 f15 0.00000
f16 0.00000 f17 0.00000 f18 0.00000 f19 0.00000
f20 0.00000 f21 0.00000 f22 0.00000 f23 0.00000
f24 0.00000 f25 0.00000 f26 0.00000 f27 0.00000
f28 0.00000 f29 0.00000 f30 0.00000 f31 0.00000
lr 205dc398 ctr 20164b78 cr 24000428 xer 00000000
pc 205dc3a4 fpscr 02008000
### Statistics for SheepShaver emulation parts
Total emulation time : 11.5 sec
Total interrupt count: 127 (11.1 Hz)
Total Execute68k[Trap] execution count : 810
Total Execute68k[Trap] execution time : 0.1 sec (1.0%)
Total NativeOp execution count : 269396
Total NativeOp execution time : 0.3 sec (2.5%)
Total MacOS routine execution count : 778
Total MacOS routine execution time : 0.1 sec (0.5%)

Athlon XP 2000+ TBredA @ 1666 FSB 333mhz - Dual DDR 333 Kingston + Radeon 9600 + Epox 8rda+
Windows XP Professional
Gentoo 2004.0 - Kernel 2.6.3
SGI Indigo 2 High Impact R10k 195mhz 256mb
Irix 6.5.22

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2004 9:09 pm 
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Not that I want to be one of those cranky moderators I hate so much, but I think if you are posting about the same thing more than once, you should probably put all of those posts in the same thread.

That way, when people don't want to post, but still want to find help, their search is so much easier.

But yeah, a number of posts have suggested that the 2.6 kernal is not helpful.

Like this one:



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