I can't successfully move a working file from Mac to PC
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Author:  etkins [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:11 am ]
Post subject:  I can't successfully move a working file from Mac to PC

I have Sheepshaver emulating the Mac environment on two machines, my Mac with OSX and my PC with Windows 7. It runs great on both, and my application that I really need it for, CalendarMaker, runs and works pretty much fine on both.
My question is why I can't successfully move files from one to the other for a particular application. CalendarMaker is an old calendar program I originally got with my first Macintosh SE in 1987. There are unique things about this application that I've been unable to replace or replicate with any other application after all these years, and I do try occasionally. I'm fine with still using it, and again, using it on either my new Mac or new PC works fine thanks to Sheepshaver.
With one exception, which is when I try to move a file back and forth to share work on that file. Say I use CalendarMaker to edit and maintain my current calendar file, which I always name by the year, so my current file is named '2017'. I always work on the Mac with it, I can save the 2017 file and print it. I've been doing this for literally 30 years. If however I open this file on my PC, I'm not having success. Sheepshaver runs great on the PC, as does the CalendarMaker application. Any NEW CalendarMaker files I create on the PC in act just as they do on the Mac, meaning they save successfully, and I can print them as .ps files and print them in Windows 7. But as I say, if I have a live calendar file, my current 2017 file on the Mac, and if I try to take that file and open it on the PC, I cannot, and here's what I'm doing: I have tried locking the file on the Mac, putting it in the shared folder, then opening the shared folder on the Mac OSX desktop, and then copying it to a flash stick.
I then mount the flash stick on my PC, and copy the file to the shared folder there. When I then launch Sheepshaver on the PC, and then the CalendarMaker application, and then I navigate to the shared folder, and it's not recognizing the file type properly, so it won't open. A good file that will open has a CalendarMaker icon, and if I do a 'GetInfo' on the file, will say it's a 'CalendarMaker document' under file type. The copied-out file, the one I made on the Mac and want to open on the PC, will have just the word 'document' as the file type, and it has the plain page as its icon. CalendarMaker on the PC doesn't recognize it. The sizes of the files are identical, the one I saved and which works on the Mac, and the copied file. So it seems like the 'substance' is there, and there's just something about the 'form' that the PC isn't liking.
If I switch the directions and have a working file on the PC, that I try to move to the Mac and open there, I have the same problem.
I would love any help in solving this, to make it so I can share a file and open it on both platforms.
The only thing I've thought of is to try and find if I still have a copy of ResEdit, or I can download a new one. It has been years since I fiddled with ResEdit, but I was thinking how to use it might come back to me, and that there may be a way to fiddle with the file that's not working to make it work.

Author:  adespoton [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I can't successfully move a working file from Mac to PC

Instead of copying the file through the shared folder, copy the disk image file from one computer to the other so that you don't lose the resource fork of the file.

Author:  emendelson [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I can't successfully move a working file from Mac to PC

Or find an old copy of Stuffit that includes DropStuff. Install it on both systems. On (say) the Mac-based copy of SheepShaver, drop your file on to DropStuff to create a Stuffit archive. Then copy that archive to the PC copy of SheepShaver and unstuff it there.

That's what I do, anyway.

Author:  etkins [ Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I can't successfully move a working file from Mac to PC

DropStuff, found it and yes, it works perfectly. Problem solved.
A simple and quick solution, thank you emendelson for helping me.

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