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About SheepShaver, a PPC Mac emulator for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux that can run System 7.5.3 through MacOS 9.0.4.
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Re: Tip - running Sheepshaver in a virtualiser (e.g. Paralle

Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:19 pm


It was one or both of two things I did:

1. I downloaded the iso from the FIRST link above, not the second.
2. I copied the Sheepshaver app itself into the OS 9 folder I was setting up.

I then set it up again from scratch, and it worked, so I was able to install OS 9 :smile:

The next thing - and this is either easy or not - is to convert the OS 9 into a .sheepvm, as I will not be using OS 9 a great deal (at least until / unless it proves stable) and don't want to mess about copying the preferences and nvram files around so the right version launches.
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