SheepShaver does not recognize CD/DVD player

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SheepShaver does not recognize CD/DVD player

Post by chrisconcord9 »

I have installed SheepShaver in my MAC OS El Capitan and it runs MAC 09, but the emulator will not recognize my CD/DVD player.
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Re: SheepShaver does not recognize CD/DVD player

Post by Ronald P. Regensburg »

Did you read and follow our setup guide? If you did, you should know that OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and later prevents mounting of physical CDs in SheepShaver. You will need to create disk images from CD-ROMs that you want to use.

BTW: It is hardly possible to set up SheepShaver without using the setup guide. Did you create a regular SheepShaver setup or do you use a pre-configured SheepShaver clone like COI Chubby Bunny?
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