Running SS as an Agent in OSX

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Running SS as an Agent in OSX

Post by classicmacreborn »

So, I've had my SheepShaver running in an app bundle for a wrapper project I've been working on. I've come across a problem that I cannot seem to fix.

The ultimate goal is to have OSX set SheepShaver to invisible while booting, and make it visible when the startup application has been launched. I've already built the tools to make OS9 issue commands to a host-side OSX script that changes the visibility when the application launches.

The main problem I'm having is that I can't get SheepShaver to run as an agent accessory which hides the dock icon. If the dock icon is clicked, it automatically gives visibility back to SS which is an issue.

There is an Info.plist attribute called LSUIElement which will launch an application as an accessory. Meaning it will not show up in the doc or task manager, but windows will still have visibility if they are marked as visible in system events.

However, to the best of my attempts after several hours moving it around and delving into the info.plist, it still does not make the dock icon disappear. Is there anything in SS that is overriding this? Does anyone have an idea?
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Re: Running SS as an Agent in OSX

Post by adespoton »

Odd; I'll look into this. I run all my wrappers (for Mini vMac, BII, SS and QEMU) this way and I don't think I did anything beyond set LSUIElement.
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