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About PearPC, a PPC Mac emulator for Windows and Linux, and to a limited extent MacOSX, that can run MacOSX up to 10.4.
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I need some help....

Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:20 pm

So i downloaded PearPC 0.6 files but i dont really know how to setup PearPC (the pearpc i have was already setup,i downloaded it from youtube.) so is there anyway i could actually use the PearPC 0.5 files to startup PearPC 0.6?

Re: I need some help....

Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:22 pm

They should be identical I think. If you need more help, there's https://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/pearpc_setup and https://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/pearpc

Most of us in this forum have moved on from PearPC to QEMU; I wasn't even aware that a 0.6 version was available....
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