what does it do when panther is "running installer scri

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what does it do when panther is "running installer scri

Post by TheBigB »

i want to skip this but if it doesn't work i am in for many more hours of waiting and waiting... what does it do anyway?
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Post by Cybermagellan »

basically it is required.....I personally don't know what it does. However everyone else and on the forum that has asked this has been told to go to sleep when it does....:-) if I am wrong then please let me know...
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Post by prasys »

Just wait for a while..I say go for a swim or just watch a movie..It will take a longer time then you think...Cyber , you are correct..

Basicly , every Mac needs to configure the OS (like Windows) , it will configure the DLL and other stuff...So , since its emulated , it will take a longer time , all you have to is WAIT...Do not cancel....otherwise you will end up like me (I installed 4-5 times and wasted 12 hours)
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