Change CD-Button working?!

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Change CD-Button working?!

Post by Kilik »

Is the Change-CD-Button working? For me it's not. Got a problem with cd-change during 10.3 install - it's not working. It just says: Please insert cd 2 blabla..


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Post by ataxy »

no for now it is not working properly i say properly because some user are mentioning that by clicking on it repititively they have been able to make it work so i guess it will be fixed in 0.2

Post by trexplorer »

It works during boot up at the stage when you are choosing hard disk to boot in PearPC window
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Post by TheBigB »

try ejecting the cd (drag it to the trash) that might work, though there is no trash in osx installer.
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Post by Promethe »

I didn't tried this (I'm still waiting for MacOS X Installation CD), but you can try ALT+Fx (or CTRL+Fx; instead of x try 1, 2, ...) to change terminal/screen on which you working. When you will change a look to terminal, do 'unmount /dev/cdromX' (instead of X try 0, 1, 2, 3 or nothing). When yours CD is unmounted, then click 'Browse CD', change the CD, and at least mount it and go to terminal with installer.
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Post by slydecix »

You can always install cd2 later on. Here's how you can get the change cd feature to work (after you've installed the OS):

Drag the cd into the trash to eject it. As soon as you let go of the mouse button, hit f12 to disable the mouse and then keep clicking Change CD. A dialogue box should pop up and all you have to do is select the new image file and it will load it
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