PearPC 0.1.2 is out!

About PearPC, a PPC Mac emulator for Windows and Linux that can run MacOS X up to 10.4.

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PearPC 0.1.2 is out!

Post by sHARD>> »

Grab 0.1.2 at: as always!


PROM: fixed: "seek > 2^32 not impl".
JITC: fixed mmio with overlapping pages (should fix "mac os crashes when idle")
numpad keys mapped
(Win32) fixed: "'" key wasn't mapped
(Win32) fixed: F8 key wasn't mapped
(Win32) fixed: crash when unknown keys in F11 mode pressed
3c90x: added MII support, some bugs fixed

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Post by grayfox »

cool now all we need is for them to address the speed ram and network problem

Great revision speed

Post by Cybermagellan »

Yeah I seen that....I downloaded 0.1.1 on the 19th and then went back to the website and seen that 0.1.2 was out on the these guys are GOOD!
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Post by ~Ayman~ »

I don't know what is my problem :cry: with ppc I can not run it in my PC :cry: every time I try to run it it just run for 1 sac and go away. is there any instalation for that or just unzip the files in my dir?

I have my mac in E:\ drive do I need to config the configfile?

# PCI IDE Config
# Drive type will be set according to file extension:
# .img: Harddisk (filesize must be multiple of 516096)
# .iso: CD-Rom
# Or you can override this by specifying the type via
# pci_ide0_master_type / pci_ide0_slave_type

pci_ide0_master_installed = 1
pci_ide0_master_image = "mac.img"
#pci_ide0_master_type = "hd"

pci_ide0_slave_installed = 0
#pci_ide0_slave_image = "c:\test.iso"
pci_ide0_slave_image = "/home/sepp/prog/pearpc.res/test/isos/MandrakeLinux-9.1-CD1.ppc.iso"
#pci_ide0_slave_image = "/dev/cdrom"
pci_ide0_slave_type = "cdrom"

and I do not have "mac.iso" all what I have is "mac.img" in the E:\ drive
do I need to burn any thing in CD? or just run it from HD?

I hope someone some day can help me out with this one
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Post by CaptainValor »

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Post by ~Ayman~ »

first of all thankfor the fast reply:D but my problem is I do not have another copy of mac 10.3 the only one I have is the one in my PC and its 3GB I transfer it from my friend PC and I can not burn it to CD because of the size! I belive all what I need to do is to config the ppc to my drive :? can I do that or I need to start install the mac?
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Post by Slice »

you can use a program such as hjsplit to split the disk image into 650 or 700 MB chunks in order to transfer it via CD
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Post by simonjhall »

Does this thread still need to be sticky? We're pushing a full 0.2 here!
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