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About PearPC, a PPC Mac emulator for Windows and Linux, and to a limited extent MacOSX, that can run MacOSX up to 10.4.
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Waoow, just checked CVS, it's pretty faster now !!!

Sun May 23, 2004 2:48 am

I just checked CVS and recompiled, the speed gain is incredible, the mouse is fast, for one thing, and the rest feels smoother and faster. Even Firefox is really usable, I went on www.harrypotter.com to try some CPU bound stuffs, the site is quite slow but very useable, the trailer is working at maibe 45 s/f ( seconds per frame ;-( ), flash animations, better to not try to see, but firefox is working nicely...

Hopefully, Slashdot is working nicely...

OS 10.2.4 guest on Mandrake 10 host, PIV 2.4 no ht, configured this way :

CC="cc -march=pentium4 -mcpu=pentium4 -O3 -msse2
-maccumulate-outgoing-args" CXX="c++ -march=pentium4 -mcpu=pentium4
-O3 -msse2 -maccumulate-outgoing-args" ./configure --enable-fpo
--enable-gui --enable-cpu=jitc_x86

Interesting to note I've been able to use redraw_interval_msec=25, and the mouse is very fast, the responsiveness much better...

Hope this helps,


Sun May 23, 2004 6:03 am

Got the code. Which file do I need to update with this code?

CC="cc -march=pentium4 -mcpu=pentium4 -O3 -msse2
-maccumulate-outgoing-args" CXX="c++ -march=pentium4 -mcpu=pentium4
-O3 -msse2 -maccumulate-outgoing-args" ./configure --enable-fpo
--enable-gui --enable-cpu=jitc_x86


Those are build arguments

Sun May 23, 2004 6:20 am


Sun May 23, 2004 6:20 am

Nevermind. I got the binary from: http://www.richardgoodwin.com/pearpc/

It doesn't seem any faster so far though.

Re: Those are build arguments

Sun May 23, 2004 6:23 am

Lauging at Ph0enix wrote::lol:


Sun May 23, 2004 6:23 am

working way better for me- in all of the previous builds, i couldn't set the redraw lower than 105 without my P4 2.2 choking up... I'm running at 40 now :D

Sun May 23, 2004 6:44 am

Is there any disadvantage to compiling the source under Cygwin in Windows? ...the exe is considerably bigger than the pre-compiled binaries.

Sun May 23, 2004 6:56 am

definately faster I love it!

Sun May 23, 2004 2:28 pm

Well it feels mostly faster on boot and shut down but still its good to see that its heading the good way.

Sun May 23, 2004 2:48 pm

which build? 0.2 or 0.1.x ?

Sun May 23, 2004 3:37 pm

Using 0.2pre one can boot in 1/2 the time:

Some timings done by Juhani Suhonen (note that these are CVS builds from the following dates):

                refresh rate   
date          100                200
17.5.         6min10s         5min27s
19.5.         6min01s         5min24s
21.5.         6min01s         5min25s
23.5.         3min48s (!!)    3min28s (!!) 

test configuration : Athlon 1.33 Ghz, 640 Mt RAM, WinXPsp1

PearPC : Memory size 0xF000000 (240M), Display mode 4

MacOS 10.3

Enjoy! (and thanks to Juhani Suhonen for the stats!)

Sun May 23, 2004 7:07 pm

Using 0.2pre of 23.05:


RedrawInterval 50 / DisplayMode 4 (800*600*15) / MemSize 512 / OS 10.3 MB

Pentium IV 2.4GHz (no ht)

Sun May 23, 2004 10:04 pm

2m 25s

05.23.04, 12:40AM EDT Windows Nightly Build

AMD XP 3000+
Memsize of 256MB
OS 10.3

Mon May 24, 2004 12:11 am

just tested .2pre on my only computer

650Mhz PIII

200ms redraw

0.1.2 PIII build = 12min 56sec
0.2pre non optizmized = 9min 25sec
0.2pre PIII build = 8min 43sec

it's still ungodly slow...on my sucky laptop

anyways....i'll be compiling nightly PIII builds...if someone else is actually trying to use PearPC on a PIII
let me know and i'll post the builds on my server

Mon May 24, 2004 12:16 am

wow! is it THAT MUCH faster?
i got the nightly build on the 22nd.

im off to get the 23rd build :D

How fast do you think it'll be? oh, and will the installer be much faster? (haven't installed it yet [no time], but got the installer to boot)

P4 2.8 w/HT
512 RAM (256 for pearpc)
OS X Panther

Mon May 24, 2004 1:08 am

Ph0eniX wrote:Is there any disadvantage to compiling the source under Cygwin in Windows? ...the exe is considerably bigger than the pre-compiled binaries.

None that i know of...that's how i compiled a PIII build

as for file size just do

"strip ppc.exe" to remove the debug info that makes the file so big

or just add "--disable-server" when running the config script

Mon May 24, 2004 1:15 am

Definitely faster. Really big improvements... I just switched to 1024 (mode 7) with redraw 40 and it's definitely useable without being overly annoying.

Mon May 24, 2004 1:22 am

Has anyone noticed how all the animations seem to run really fast with redraw set lower? Like the "wait" cursor spins incredibly fast and the icons on the dock bounce up and down like they're on crack. lol

Mon May 24, 2004 8:08 am

The speed gain mainly results from the using of DMA by Panther. The former builds had a bug, that dma was disabled only in Panther. Now it is fixed.

mfg Senior Sanchez

Mon May 24, 2004 8:19 am

very cool. my .2 times:

to osx booting logo in 55 seconds
to "usable desktop" in 1:15

shutdown in 8 seconds

hey - thats pretty damn fast in my book - my own computer takes about that long to boot windows (albeit without the benefits of DMA and other driver related performance enhancements)

great work on the .2 tree!!


Mon May 24, 2004 8:20 am

that was at a 30ms redraw too :D

Mon May 24, 2004 8:36 am

pearpc takes 9.5 seconds to go to the grey apple in yesterday's athlon xp nightly build on my (non-xp) athlon 950 with 384 megs of ram.

Mon May 24, 2004 8:38 am

will anyone make a regular athlon compiled build? oh and do you get network ability when compiled in cygwin?

Mon May 24, 2004 8:51 am

05.24.04, 12:49AM EDT Windows Nightly Build

2m 0s From launching PPC to usable desktop

30ms redraw

AMD XP 3000+
768MB (Memsize of 256MB)
OS 10.3

Good stuff 8)

Mon May 24, 2004 1:19 pm

installation feels a lot quicker!
Im guessing DMA is the trick!
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