Pearpc only using 50% cpu usage on HT 2.4 P4

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Pearpc only using 50% cpu usage on HT 2.4 P4

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Pearpc only appears to use 50% CPU according to task manager, almost like it's only running on "1 cpu".
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H/T splits the processor

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I have a P4 3.06GHz that has H/T enabled and in my Task Manager it shows only 50% CPU usage.

This is because when you have H/T enabled it virtually creates two CPUs.

So when you view Task Manager, it shows two CPU graphs and a total CPU usage bar.

What this means is that when you run PPC it runs in the first CPU at the full 100% of that CPU.

The second CPU is not used by PPC, so it remains at 0% (maybe a bit higher depending on other applications running in Windows).

As the CPU is basically split into two the total CPU usage bar only shows 50%, as you are using 100% of CPU 1 but nothing on CPU 2.

If you then restart your computer and go into the Bios and Disable the H/T, the next time you run PPC you see that in Task Manager that the two seperate CPU graphs are now one and that the overall CPU usage bar is at pretty much 100% all the time.

I would guess that running with H/T enabled will allow Windows XP to remain more stable and do more tasks in the background whilst PPC is running, as you will basically have a dedicated CPU running PPC with the 2nd CPU available to run things like Internet Explorer and Outlook at fairly normal speed.

Disabling H/T will mean that your Windows XP will not handle background tasks as well, as the CPU will be 100%, but you should notice a speed increase in PPC.
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