New version of Networkin Support For Windows - R2

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Ancient Imhotep
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New version of Networkin Support For Windows - R2

Post by Ancient Imhotep »


A new R2 verison of the networking support for Windows is available from the authors site: -

Text on site states: -

New version out: R2
Added OpenVPN v2.0Beta2 Support (required for WinXP SP2 users)
Fixed Realtek driver to actually use mac addr form the config file instead of random memory (stops the card from getting readded on every boot)
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Post by MDZ61384 »

as of now I believe the download link to pearpc does not should be fixed soon
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Post by Cyman »

The Download is available now!

Post by litghost »

too bad there no patch up there yet (unless it the same one at sourceforge)
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Post by liquex »

it really works great i'm on it right now.

man this is nice! i'm so glad pearpc exists... now for sound... :) :) :)
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Post by aarstar »

Maybe it is just me, but I do not think that 10.2 is working with this release. The NIC is never auto-detected when I click on Network. Does 10.2 have the required drivers?

Post by Alvin »

The fullscreen in this build doesn't work?
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Post by litghost »

fullscreen works fine, but there are no arch optimizations, which for the first time I've bothered to worry about them.(fullscreen is f5 btw)
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Post by CaptainValor »

Is this new network version working for you guys? I've tried it using the same config file and I can't seem to get it working. Which is wierd because I had networking running with the first version. System Preferences even says I'm connected, but I can't access any websites. :?
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Post by litghost »

Try pinging and stuff. Simply saying you can't get to websites helps no one. What about DNS resolution? Local IP connections? etc, etc.

Complete Configuration that works!

Post by Lupochen »

Sorry for double-posting, but I thought, that might be interesting for you:

I was confused, when people throwed parts of their configuration into the discussion. For a long time it didn't work for me. So by now, I got it all working and want to tell others, what I did:

At first: My network consists of a router (IP: and the win-client (IP given by DHCP:

I enabled the ICS (InternetConnectionSharing) for the normal Network-Device (the one with IP:
I installed the TAP-Driver and as Jackalo said, I set up the ip-adress of the TAP-Device as follows:


DNS-Server: (free DNS Server for everyone)
alternative DNS-Server:

Then, after booting into Mac OS X, I found the new Network-Device (the TAP-Device) and configured it like this:

Router/Gateway: (TAP-Device-IP in Windows)

DNS-Server: (Router-IP)

Now, as I said, got it all working.


PS: Don't care so much about the config-files. They're ready made and work, if you just set your .iso-Files and HDs!
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Post by litghost »

Well I thank you, because thanks to your configuration, I know WTF is goin on with the openvpn. Thanks.(the openvpn is being "connected" to pearpc, which needs to be feed out the other connection)
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