HFV images? IDE1? Win2k networking

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HFV images? IDE1? Win2k networking

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Currently I have 2 disks (one for the OS and one for the apps).

Although I can't get pear working for 10.3.X > 1 for networking on Windows 2000 I can get it working if I use this free third-party bridge program http://www.ntkernel.com/utilities/etherbridge.shtml. Install it and run client on. (XP has this built in by 2k doesn't). For whatever reason post updates it fails but there you go might just be me.

So where does that leave me. I have some files I've downloaded on my app hd I'd like to transfer from pear's hard-drive to an HFV file (so I can use them in SheepShaver which currently doesn't have network support for windows).

How do I do that? Can I mount .hfv inside pear? If so I think I need IDE1 as well as IDE0 so I can have three drives. Does pear support floopy images as .hfv? If so what's the command in the config.

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You can mount pearpc hd's in sheepshaver. just add an
"disk path_to_your_pearpc hd.img" to your prefs file and boot sheepshaver.

You can also mount a .hfv file in pearpc, but only as cdrom. I guess to be able to use it as a second hd, the file should adhere to the specific size requirements pear sets.

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