Age of Empires II Gold + Panther + PearPC = no go!

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Age of Empires II Gold + Panther + PearPC = no go!

Post by yksoft1 »

I've tested my favorite game Age of Empires II Gold (Carboned, work flawlessly except for the widescreen problem in my OS X Tiger Powerbook G4) in SheepShaver with OS 8.6 and 9.0 and it works in it. but when I tried it in PearPC running Panther I was out of luck.
As usual when I opened it Screen changed to 640*480,The opening movie plays (of course without sound) then the screen resolution changed back to 800*600 then it crashed to desktop with this error:
DirectDraw?! Why this appeared on a Mac? But there must be some problems in PearPC's graphic engine that caused this error.
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Post by MacOSX »

there is no acceleration in PearPC.
Therefore no directdraw support.
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