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About PearPC, a PPC Mac emulator for Windows and Linux that can run MacOS X up to 10.4.

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Re: PearPC Config File Generator

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SistemaRayoXP, Can you make a version of your PearPC Config File generator for Mac OS X? I have PearPC for Mac OS X and I don't know how to make a config file.

Update: I just thought of downloading the Windows version and editing that config file. :oops:
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Re: PearPC Config File Generator

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SistemaRayoXP wrote:As for today 10/4/2018 the Page is dead. But it looks like there is a copy yet in, Unfortunately is non-functional.

So I decided to make a NET based Config File Generator:

Link: ... erator.rar
MD5(RAR): e78022e937af4689f3a09b60c94a3c69

Alternative link (GitHub): ...
MD5: 52092218e431a134a86360526ad13c8f

Note: By some weird reason, Chrome says that the GitHub file might be dangerous, but it is harmless

And of course, source code for everyone!

Source code on GitHub: ... -Generator

Hope this helps a bit to anyone interested in PearPC

[edit] GitHub link added
Hi !
I'd like to apologize for getting down the original PPC config generator's page.
I have updated my website and forgot to restore this part :/

But I see things are going well :) The new tool is actually far better than my old form-based tool :)
Well done and long live PPC ! ;)
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Re: PearPC Config File Generator

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Hey, welcome back to the forum. Nice to see you after all this time!
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