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I need a VM (PearPC perhaps?) to host PPC ROM and macOS Tige

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:58 pm
by mrnoonan
I need a VM (PearPC perhaps?) to host PPC ROM and macOS Tiger. Within that environment, I will run Quicken for Mac to convert Quicken data files from 2000-2002 to QIF files. I don't need support for CD/DVD, a network, USB, or printer.
[A larger view of my project is below.]

A. Where can I find the installation for this configuration?

B. I assume from the Index title that PearPC includes ROM support.
I am confused with forum posts that use "for, to, in, and of" especially when it comes to describing two Mac OSs. It's not clear to me what's up and what's down. For example, this post "PearPC for OSX available" to me is ambiguous. Upon which macOS(s) does this app run (the host machine) and which macOS(s) are supported as the (guest) operating systems?

Please advise on the above.

Thank you. Mike Noonan

The larger view of the project:
1. I now use SheepShaver with a ROM to run macOS 9.0.4 executing the MYM app (Managing Your Money) exporting .cvs data files from 1990 to 2000+. I may use a commercial MYM conversion app to QIF but many of these apps have limitations on handling split transactions. I may have to write an Excel app to convert all or parts of the .cvs files to QIF scripts.

2. I will use Parallels to run Windows 10 Home executing Quicken for Windows to import these QIF files to clean up any data flaws and export clean QIFs.

3. The output of step 2, is to import all QIFs into Banltivity for integration to my existing 15 hear history. Banktivity deals with duplicate transactions, a huge feature.

Re: I need a VM (PearPC perhaps?) to host PPC ROM and macOS

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:58 am
by Cat_7
Hi Mike,

I do not understand what you mean with "to host PPC ROM". Do you mean you want to run the PPC version of Tiger?
PearPC can run Tiger, but I assume you are go to run it on a Mac. If correct, PearPC will be extremely slow. The version we provide cannot have the acceleration features available on Windows/Linux. And it is rather old. Besides that, PearPC is not very stable.

So that leaves you with the Qemu option only. Qemu runs on the following hosts: Mac OS X El Capitan and above, on Windows 7 and above and on Linux. It provides emulation of a PPC based computer on which you can run PPC Mac OS 9.x up to 10.5.

You can find downloads for the most recent version of Qemu running on OSX here:
Here is also a link to the guide we provide: ... mu-for-osx

If you don't have a PPC Tiger DVD available, search the macintoshgarden website for a suitable DVD image ( to install Tiger.

You say you do not need support for CD/DVD, a network, USB, or printer. How are you going to get files in and out of the emulated PPC Tiger environment to do your conversions?
Getting files in and out of Tiger is easier when you run our Qemu version for OSX hosts.


Re: I need a VM (PearPC perhaps?) to host PPC ROM and macOS

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:02 pm
by mrnoonan
Hii Ron,
It's ironic that I groused about confusion in describing emulation environments and I didn't do it well either in the first sentence. Thanks for paragraph 3; it's exactly what I needed. I spent days on PearPC, BasiliskII, and Wine/Wineskin/Wine Bottle, and back to PearPC to no avail.

Qemc is great. I 'm not a real whiz with Terminal but I bumbled through and got Tiger 4.6 installed and running.

I was hoping for a SheepShaver "Unix" folder-like interface to share files between OSs. I'm trying to get Sharing to work over the Ethernet Connection Tiger set up but I'm having connection issues. I can see my Mike's Tiger server name on the Sierra side using Finder / GO / Connect to Server. The connection is tried, fails, and Mike's Tiger disappears from the list of servers. When I reboot Tiger, it appears again.

I'm going to try TunTapOSX. I looked it up in SourceForge and again, it's not clear to me which side its install takes place. I'm assuming it's on the Host side (Sierra) and the Qemc.command file changes make the connection work in Qemc. I this correct? I'm sorta gun-shy about messing thing up.

Thank you again for your help.
Mike Noonan

BTW. In my case, performance is secondary. It just has to complete. This is a one-time effort to convert one 2004 Quicken export file back to QiF. It may work or not. If not, it's time to go down another rabbit hole.

Re: I need a VM (PearPC perhaps?) to host PPC ROM and macOS

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:18 am
by Cat_7
I wouldn't go down the tuntaposx path.

I've written a small addition to our guide on how to get files in/out a Panther/Tiger guest using the default networking functionality. ... networking

Don't expect stellar performance....