Be warned macintoshgarden users...

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Be warned macintoshgarden users...

Post by swordlink1 »

I accidentally entered macintoshgarden with the .com top level domain instead of the .org top level domain, it crashed my chrome, even tried to download a html file which is a virus, and more stuff i guess.
If you need more info, tell me ;)
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Re: Be warned macintoshgarden users...

Post by Ronald P. Regensburg »

When you did not yet bookmark the correct address, better search for Macintosh Garden (with a space) instead of entering an address. You will find the correct site.

BTW: The Chrome browser is now very picky. It blocked also several of our older wiki pages because the images on those pages were historically still provided from "".
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Re: Be warned macintoshgarden users...

Post by emendelson »

And, as you know (but other people might not), that "Windows Support Alert" message is a total scam.
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