The Prodigal Geek Returns

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The Prodigal Geek Returns

Post by CaptainValor »

Hey all!

For those of you who don't me, I'm Stephen Torrence and I came here first back in 2004 when PearPC was just getting off the ground. I was an active participant in the alpha and beta testing of PearPC for over a year. However, I got myself an Intel Mac around the summer of 2006 and trotted off to college, forgetting about this place for a while.

This past spring I got interested in Mac emulation again when I stumbled across a number of retro Macs at a yard sale. I now own two Macintosh LC II's, a Macintosh SE FDHD, a Performa 6360, and a Power Mac G3 B&W. I've restored the retro systems' plastic to its original platinum color using Retr0brite and am in the process of loading games and software from Macintosh Garden onto them to experience all those years of Macintosh greatness that I missed as a poor Windows user.

I'm now graduated from college and unemployed, so I've been going back and rediscovering some of my roots, Emaculation being a prominent one. I now volunteer at the Goodwill Computer Museum in Austin, TX, where I'm learning the ins and outs of a Fireball V90 CNC Router in order to make signs and other cool stuff for the museum. I also help with restoration and odd jobs when necessary. We get a TON of classic hardware and software coming through the place, including some real diamonds in the rough. The other day I snagged a sealed copy of the Mac OS X Public Beta!

So that's the last 6 years for me. I love Macs more than ever and am still learning more about Apple's rich history every day. I love to see that the Mac emulation community is still going so strong! As much as I love using original hardware, I know that emulation will remain the only truly future-proof solution for keeping these wonderful products alive for our children and grandchildren.

I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me from back in the day, or anyone who's curious about anything I've talked about here.

Cheers! :mrgreen:
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Post by ClockWise »

Thanks for stopping by, Stephen. It's always really neat to have some old-timers visit.

As you can see, PearPC is sort of stalled now (though there are some goodies to be found here), but there is a ton of interest in SheepShaver these days.

There aren't too many users around from the early days of the forum, meanwhile... though as you can see Ronald and Cat_7 and myself are present. And a few others pop by now and then.

So do stick around for a bit...
Stephen Coates
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Post by Stephen Coates »

I'm still here. I see you on AIM from time to time.

Nice to have you back.

I am starting to use 68k emulators more now after having not needed Mac emulation for a few years (I have real Macs now) but I still haven't got round to doing much with PPC emulation.
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