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Saturday, Sep 10th (11:00am MST): Online Pararena Matches!

Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:17 pm

Hello all,

My first online gaming event got off to a good start -- there were only two of us, but it was a good game! The next event is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th at 11:00 am, MST, where we will attempt to play Pararena 2.0 over the Internet :mrgreen:

Pararena is a fast-paced game, so it will be interesting to see if network lag makes it unplayable. If so, the backup game for the day is MazeWars+, which works very well indeed!

As before, the event calendar is available at the bottom of this page:


Hope to see you there! Spread the word!

-- Marcio

Re: Saturday, Sep 10th (11:00am MST): Online Pararena Matche

Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:37 am

Sweet. I might try to catch this stream, if I'm lucky and/or awake enough.
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