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So... I've got a PPC Mini running 10.4.11....

Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:23 pm

... I run it headless, and keep all my old software on there so I can run most titles from 1983 through 2006 on it. I generally connect via ARD, and that's more than fast enough on my network for most things. However, ARD doesn't do audio. So I have the option of routing speaker wire from my server cabinet to where people mostly sit when using the box, or using some other remote desktop solution.

TeamViewer 7 works under 10.4, and I used to use it to route audio. However, at some point between the last time I used it and now, TeamViewer (now 12) broke backwards support with TeamViewer 7.

So... does anyone know of a remote access system for 10.4.11 PPC that is compatible with 10.12+ AND shares both video and audio reasonably synched?

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