Software and files not recognised

About unsupported SheepShaver configurations, like COI (Chubby Bunny), SheepShaver Wrapper, etc.

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Software and files not recognised

Post by BenViolin »

Hi I am running 0S9 within sheep shaver. I didn't set it up with a ROM, just downloaded it from here and it is ready to go. It works on my MacBook Air, and I can transfer files to it, but they are not recognised there. I'm trying to install an old version of Pro Tools called Pro Tools Free. Can anyone help?

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Re: Software and files not recognised

Post by 24bit »

I´m under the impression that ProTools, like other "music" software, needed dedicated hardware to run.
The required sound hardware often were add in cards of Nubus type.
SheepShaver is emulating an early PCI Mac with a PPC 604 cpu. Apple dropped Nubus in favour of PCI after the PowerMac 8100/av IIRC.
For several reasons, there is no way to address Nubus devices with SheepShaver.

Which demo software are you trying to run?
Macintoshgarden is hosting some flavours of ProTools:
Again, I doubt that you can do anything with it in Mac emulation. :(
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Re: Software and files not recognised

Post by clancyhood »

Necro-ing this thread since its not *that* old compared to some

Those of us who've been using audio software a looong time have projects we can't open without the right hardware. However, PT free didn't require hardware - it used entirely onboard components - and I have a bunch of projects in that. The problem is something to do with OMS or whatever prevents the DAE from loading. It's tantalising because the DAE not loading was a sign of having the wrong extension set back in the day, but I've not gotten anywhere.

Bear in mind for those with work in old software, it's not carrying on the project which is the issue, it's accessing the files and the positions of items on the timeline. Midi can be exported as raw midi files and your work can be recovered. Hence choppy audio not really something that is a dealbreaker

I could supposedly get hold of an old powermac if it's that important ... but anyone who's had success with emulation, pipe up!
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Re: Software and files not recognised

Post by adespoton »

I have to admit, I exported to MIDI years ago, and have never persevered with getting the DAE loaded under emulation... I always try to a point, and then give up.

But then, my early stuff is all in DMCS, and other than the fact that I don't have access to my original patch banks anymore, THAT stuff will run in software under Mini vMac and Basilisk II for software MIDI export.
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