How to copy files into QEMU?

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How to copy files into QEMU?

Post by Luposian »

I have MacOS X 10.3.0 running, but I want to update it to 10.3.9 via a Combo updater I have downloaded on my M1 Mac Mini, but I don't know how to create a folder that can be used by QEMU to bring files from "outside" (the emulator), onto the disk image that is my 30GB HD of my emulated 900MHz G4 system. Might be a dumb question with an easily found answer, but... figured I'd ask here anyways.
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Re: How to copy files into QEMU?

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I assume you downloaded a dmg? Qemu can read some dmg formats. You can add the dmg to your command line as cdrom:

-drive file=10.3combo.dmg,format=dmg,media=cdrom

If that will not work (perhaps due to Qemu not being able to read the format of the dmg), you might create a new disk image, add it to the command line, and format it in OSX 10.3.
Then mount the dmg in your host, mount the newly created disk image and copy the content of the dmg onto the new disk image. Then add that disk image as a drive to the command line.

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Re: How to copy files into QEMU?

Post by adespoton »

You can also use Disk Utility to either a) mount the QEMU image on the host as well as the update image, and copy the files across that way, or b) convert the compressed dmg to a read-write dmg which QEMU can mount. Third option is c) to use network filesharing between the host and guest, and then copy the dmg over.

Personally, I found it fastest to use option a.
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