Differences in qemu versions

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Differences in qemu versions

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Is there a meaninful difference between the qemu version offered on the emaculation site and the (I suppose) "official" release? I used homebrew to install qemu (for an x86 project) and decided to see if my Tiger vm would work with it. All I had to do was redirect my script to use the qemu-system-ppc app in /usr/local/bin/ and it seemed to work fine. The only difference is noticed was that Cat_7's version has some extra video resolutions, one of which I use.
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Re: Differences in qemu versions

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Sometimes there is, sometime there isn't ;-)
Depending on which features get updated in the main Qemu source code or in some developer's personal code branch I might create a new build.
So sometimes there are features in a build provided here that are not yet available in the brew-based version.

We also provide a qemu build that supports sound, and the code that makes that possible is not in the main source at all.
One of the main reasons to provide builds is to make it easy to use Qemu without the overhead/hassle of a brew installation.

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