Rage 128 Pro emulation now upstream!

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Rage 128 Pro emulation now upstream!

Post by darthnvader »

Thanks to BALATON Zoltan we now have Rage 128 Pro emulation upstream in Qemu.

Only works for console in Linux PPC, and somewhat works for 2D in MorphOS, basic frame buffer in the Mac OS/X.

BALATON has done pretty much all the work himself and is working on better Mac OS/X support. He could use some help in a few areas, one of them being OpenBios lacking Map-in and some Config words.

So if you are a good C programer please review Openbios sources and lend a hand.

See Openbios mailing list for how you can help RE:Debugging FCode ROM

Also Radeon 7000 support in this project.
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Re: Rage 128 Pro emulation now upstream!

Post by Cat_7 »

Of course, we had info about this earlier ;-)

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