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About QEMU, a PPC Mac emulator (among many others) for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux that can run Mac OS 9.0 up to Mac OS X 10.5
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How 2 Clone QEMU / OS 9 _ System Drive

Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:38 pm


So I've got a "perfect" OS 9 install in QEMU / Windows 10 x64 ...
now I'd like to clone this system to the HDD of my real PPC / Power Mac G4 733MHz QuickSilver ...
(once I get it to boot ... somehow it has no video signal though monitor says cable connected OK, etc.) .

This Power Mac has a Blank ATA / IDE - hard disk installed with jumpering set to master only ...
How can I clone the system there (for I've got no GUI and so on) and I don't have the option of a Firewire / Target drive - method ?

I can see I could drag 'n' drop the OS disk to for example an USB Thumb Drive ... or burn the System Disk to a CD / DVD or use Disk Tool, but then how do I enable USB-disks or physical CD- / DVD-drives under Mac OS 9 ?

Sorry this got a bit lenghty ...
Thank You for reading through.

- Tonza -
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