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Re: Mouse & Shared folder

Post by elliotnunn »

The Classic Environment ROM contains these 68k drivers, which I have not found anywhere else:

Code: Select all

type=DRVR   id=-21691   name=.APD               src=Rsrc/DRVR_-21691_APD
type=DRVR   id=-21692   name=.Wacom             src=Rsrc/DRVR_-21692_Wacom
type=DRVR   id=-21693   name=.BlueBoxSoundIn    src=Rsrc/DRVR_-21693_BlueBoxSoundIn
type=DRVR   id=-21719   name=.ClassicMouse      src=Rsrc/DRVR_-21719_ClassicMouse
Do any of these look suitable?

Alternatively, we could prepare a code fragment with the same functionality as KanjiTalk755's excellent application above. Similarly to the VGA driver, this fragment could be loaded by adding it to the device tree as a property. To function as a standalone fragment rather than a native driver, it could be inserted as a "pef,AAPL,MacOS,PowerPC,prepare" property with an accompanying "code,AAPL,MacOS,name" property.
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Re: Mouse & Shared folder

Post by Snizort »

@kanjitalk755 do you need both your forked version of QEMU and your MacOS 9 binary to have absolute pointer support?

I am trying to get absolute pointer support working in (iOS QEMU) in order to use 9.2.2 on my iPad but am having bad luck with just the USBTablet app not doing anything.

It appears to open in the Guest OS but mouse pointer never ends up working.
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Re: Mouse & Shared folder

Post by kanjitalk755 »

You can use regular QEMU.
I tested under macOS10.15.5 and QEMU5.0.0, USBTablet app works well.
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Re: Mouse & Shared folder

Post by adespoton »

Snizort, do you have any better luck using USB Overdrive?
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