Problem Running Hellcats Over the Pacific

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Problem Running Hellcats Over the Pacific

Post by iceguy349 »

I've got Basilisk II running fine on my Windows computer. It's set up to run Mac_OS_8.1 and the emulator runs a-ok but I'm struggling trying to get a game to work on the emulator. The game is Hellcats Over the Pacific and its an old flight sim. The ROM websites I've been getting the files from offer the .dsk files required to run it. They're packaged in .zip files that I've been using WinRar to extract I've tried dragging these the .dsk file into the BasiliskIIGUI program in the window on the Volumes tab where other .dsk files go. This seems to work as the emulator treats them like floppy disks. When I run Basilisk II the icon appears on the virtual desktop and when I open it it's got the folder with the program sitting inside. When I click the game and start it up I keep getting the same exact system error that says ("Hellcats" does not run from your original floppy. Please copy "Hellcats" and "Pacific Conflict" to a hard disk). I have no idea how to pull this off. I can't just drag it onto my desktop. I know I set up an emulated hard disk when installing the emulator but I'm not sure what magic I need to use to get the game off the .dsk file and into the emulator's hard drive where It'll actually start up. Is it literally a copy-paste command or is there some special process I have to go through to get this game to run? Thanks for the help.
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Re: Problem Running Hellcats Over the Pacific

Post by emendelson »

Double-click the icon at the upper right of the Basilisk II screen to open the Basilisk II hard disk image. Make a new folder on that disk image to store your game. Drag the files from the .dsk images into that new folder. That's all there is to it.
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