Minor changes to BasiliskII code?

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Minor changes to BasiliskII code?

Post by emendelson »

This message is for kanjitalk755 about his really excellent BasiliskII code.

I found that it's possible for a registered Mac developer to notarize BasilskII, but before I was able to notarize it, some minor changes seemed to be necessary (though I'm not certain of this). But the change seems to be worth making anyway:

The BasiliskII macOS project, as it is now, puts many resources into a Resources folder in the BasiliskII application. These resources need to be in the project in order to build BasiliskII, but they do not need to be in the application bundle, and they only waste disk space. All that the bundle needs is the info.plist file and the credits.html file. The rest can be removed in the Build Settings page.

There are a few other minor aesthetic changes that might be worth making, and I'll post about those at a later time.
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Re: Minor changes to BasiliskII code?

Post by kanjitalk755 »

I have minimized BasiliskII.app/Contents/Resources.

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