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ERROR: could not insert 'sheep_net': Exec format error

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 2:26 pm
by wcsuther

I am having difficulty running "modprobe sheep_net", getting the error above. I have compiled sheep_net.ko from the source and have no errors with "make" and "sudo make install". I then "sudo su" and then "modprobe sheep_net", and then get the error. Any thoughts? I am running Basilisk II on Ubuntu 20.04.

Slirp doesn't appear to be an option for me, and if I type "slirp" into the Basilisk GUI, it crashes at startup. (Oddly, if I type "Slirp" in the GUI [with a capital "S"], it starts, but I can't get internet access either with DHCP or editing TCP manually.

THanks for any help.