Basilisk II suddenly not working (Windows)

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Basilisk II suddenly not working (Windows)

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A few months ago I set up Basilisk II on my Windows 10 machine with relatively little trouble. I spent a couple of weeks playing through some old games and everything worked smoothly.

Fast forward to today, I try to open Basilisk II for the first time in months and it just won't open. I tried launching from the GUI by hitting "Start" AND just double-clicking the .exe, and nothing opens. When I go from the GUI app, it closes the GUI as if it's going to launch Basilisk II but nothing happens.

I haven't messed with my settings or anything like that - I've found a bunch of support for other errors like black screens, etc., but I'm not even getting to a screen. Anyone know what might cause something like this?
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Re: Basilisk II suddenly not working (Windows)

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Silent exit on launch means the error message should be in the stderr text file.
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