Drag and Drop on MacBinary II

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Drag and Drop on MacBinary II

Post by bbcmicro »

Hi all,

Really enjoying playing with Basilisk II, but having a small problem, apologies if the answer is obvious.

Converting files to BIN and back using MacBinary II works fine on my Macintosh Classic for sending to my MacBook Pro over Serial/USB, but on the other end when I try to drag and drop in files in Basilisk onto the MacBinaryII application it doesn't seem to register, I hover the dragged file over the app and the app doesn't invert colours, and when released the file icon just sits on top of the MacBinary II icon.

Dragging and dropping files on to other applications in Basilisk (e.g. Stuffit Expander) works fine.

What have I missed?

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Re: Drag and Drop on MacBinary II

Post by 24bit »

Most likely the Mac resource fork of the bin file is lost in transition.
Is it possible to open the bin file from within the MacBinary app via File Menu on the target side?

It should be doable to restore the resource fork with another app like MiniConversion.
MiniConversion is included here: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/popchar
Also sending files via null-modem as hqx should work hassle free.
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