MacInTalk3 voice speed

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MacInTalk3 voice speed

Post by Piy »

Hello, I'm trying to use the text to speech features of System 7.5.3 running on BasiliskII.
I've gotten it working. The emulator runs, SimpleText has the option to read things aloud.

It all works but for the voice speed adjustment. I'm trying to make the voices slower. I've turned down the rate from Control Panels -> Speech, but SimpleText does not seem to respect this setting. Is this an issue with the editor or what?
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Re: MacInTalk3 voice speed

Post by adespoton »

I'm not sure, as I've actually never used TTS in Basilisk II. But it may have to do with the voices you've selected. Only the original MacinTalk voices can be speed adjusted like this; they're the same ones that you can adjust pitch and accent and extract the phonemes on. Newer Pro voices lack all this and use a different mechanism to adjust speech rate.

I've got older voices working on Mini vMac, and also via the Repeat After Me app on OS X through 10.14.
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