Mouse issues on Basilisk II on Catalina

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Mouse issues on Basilisk II on Catalina

Post by catwing86 »

Hi there,

I am running on the version of Basilisk II on Catalina (as seen here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7361) and got everything setup fine.

However once I got MacOS7 loaded up I seem to be experiencing some mouse issues.
Eg. When I click around the menus in MacOS7 I have to hold the mouse in order for the menu to persist, on releasing the mouse the menu disappears.

The main issue I am experiencing is I actually got this emulator setup to play an old game, which had been running mostly fine, except when accessing some menu items in the game, it seems that whenever I moved the mouse, the game would register it as another click or something like that and closes the menu, effectively rendering the game unplayable.

Just wondering has anyone experienced any mouse issues?

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Re: Mouse issues on Basilisk II on Catalina

Post by Cat_7 »

I believe this is the default behaviour for the menus in Mac OS 7 ;-)

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Re: Mouse issues on Basilisk II on Catalina

Post by Ronald P. Regensburg »

This is the normal behaviour in MacOS up to versions 7.x.
Click on the menu to open it and while holding the mouse button move the cursor to the menu item you want to choose and then release the mouse button.

If you prefer OS8 (and later) style "sticky menus", you can try the "StickyClick" system extension. You can find at Macintosh Garden site:
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