Installing JMP 3

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Installing JMP 3

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I am trying to open some old jmp files in the 90s on my 64-bit Windows 10 PC. I have successfully set up Basilisk II including updating it to System 7.5.5. Then I downloaded the installation files for JMP 3.1 from the webpage ( I was able to expand the sit files and initiate the installation. However, I got stuck at the installation step that asks "Where is the JMP Configuration?" as I don't know where to find it. I tried all the folders in the installation paths but no success. If I click cancel then it says "Installation did not complete successfully" and I couldn't run the installed JMP program -- it will prompt "sorry, but this copy of JMP is corrupt and cannot be used."

BTW, the installation files for JMP 3.1 that I downloaded has one file named "JMP Admin." When I opened it, it says "Sorry, you must turn on AppleTalk to configure JMP. Use the Chooser desk accessory to active AppleTalk." I was wondering if that is supposed to something needed for the configuration? If so, how should I proceed with Chooser and AppleTalk?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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Re: Installing JMP 3

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It seems the program needs a network connection to find its site license (as its name suggests). There is no config file included.
You can enable appletalk in the chooser, but as there is no network location where the config file resides....
The admin program seems to allow to write a config telling the program where to look for a license file, but I guess that is not what it is looking for

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