Get local IP of Mac OS 7.6.1 Guest

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Get local IP of Mac OS 7.6.1 Guest

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I setup a FTP server using Better Telnet 2. I can use Fetch 2.1.2 to connect to it fine on the guest, but on the host with Filezilla, I can't connect to it because I can't get the local IP. I am using slirp. However I can connect to my Telnet server on my Ubuntu 18.04 VM by entering the local IP of it.
In my Mac OS 7.6.1, the TCP/IP says:
Name Server
I tried connecting to my guest with, but it still didn't work. How do I get my guest local IP so I can connect to it on my host?
Edit: I tried connecting to my local IP, localhost, and, but it just said connection refused by server. I see nothing in the FTP log on my guest. I tried require username and password too and entered the username and password in on Filezilla, but it still didn't work.
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Re: Get local IP of Mac OS 7.6.1 Guest

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You run into the limitations of the slirp network option. There is no connection to the host.
You can either use a tap device connection to have access to your host network, or perhaps take a look a the redirection options in the guide.

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