Mac os 8 install problem

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Mac os 8 install problem

Post by fuzzyelmo »

I was looking around for mac os 8, and my friend gave me an image file. I stick it in BII, next to my OS 7.5.5 image, and it keeps asking about initializing the OS 8 image. I think I have a bad copy, or there is some way to do this. (Maybe he gave me a bugged-up pirate copy) Can I find out how to do this? (Don't yell at me if it is a warez copy, I don't really know if it is)
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Finally, so one posts somrthing about basiliskII.

From your description, it sounds as if the image is no good.
You would be better off buying a copy off eBay.
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Edit : No warez information, please. - Jackalo
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