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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2002 4:03 pm 
Hi, I'm a newbie to mac emulation and I can't seem to be able to using the internet under Basilisk II. I have followed that other guys intrustions (connect to the internet under win, enabled NAT and set the TCP/IP thingy in mac control panel to ethernet) but it just freezes when I try to connect to a server (I've tried Netscape 2.2 and Hotline). I'm using MacOS 8. Please help! Thank you!

-manga_man 8)

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 Post subject: How NAT Works
PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2002 10:29 pm 
Apple Corer
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When Basilisk II and Mac OS Freezes, it's actually trying to get an IP address and go on the network. If you let it sit eventually it will tell you that something went wrong.

I am pasting here the details on what you need to do in Mac OS to get this to work. Hope that helps you a bit.


This feature is disabled by default. You need to navigate to the Basilisk II GUI "Router" page and enable it by checking the "Enable NAT/Router module" option.

You don't need to have Basilisk II ethernet driver installed, actually even an ethernet card is not necessary.

But you must have the ethernet installed on the Mac side. In your emulated Mac TCP/IP control panel:

Select "Connect via Ethernet"
Select "Configure manually"
The IP address can be any legal address, but don't use the same IP address that you have in Windows. It's always best to ask your network administrator for a unique ip address, because you may later disable the NAT/Router module and possibly cause an ip address conflict on your network.
Subnet ""
The router address can be almost anything, but preferably the same as the Windows ip address. It must be different than the ip address you entered above.
Name server address(es) must be correct. Use the same one(s) you have in Windows.
Make sure that the option "Use 802.3" (if present) is not selected.
Home users are free to use the class C addresses reserved for private networks, for example:


These should work fine even if you have a dial-up account that assigns you a different Windows ip address every time (DHCP) you dial to your Internet service provider..

If you don't know what DNS address to enter in Mac TCP/IP control panel, check the helpdesk pages of your ISP. While connected, you can also detect the DNS address that Windows is currently using by running the following command in Windows command prompt.

Under Windows NT:

C\> ipconfig /ALL

Under Windows 95 and 98:

C\> winipcfg

IMPORTANT: Before using any form of Basilisk II networking on a corporate LAN, please contact your network administrator to find out whether you are allowed to do so, and what ip address you can use.

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 Post subject: cheers..but
PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2002 5:55 pm 
Thanks a bunch! Thanks a whole bunch! I only have one more question, do I have to type it all (well some) in again wiht the new, correct information?


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