Recording CDs and playing Audio CDs

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Recording CDs and playing Audio CDs

Post by touchdown »

Hello there.
I'm new here and i have some question about Basilisk II JIT.
It runs very well on my WinXP system. I have installed OS8.1.
If I select my CD recorder as SCSI in the gui, i can burn CDs using Toast 4.1.2, but than I cannot play Audio CDs. If I enable the CD-ROM function in the gui I am able to play Audio CDs, but I'm not any longer able to use Toast. And if I select both i get message when I enter a CD, that the CD is not readable and shows me the Initialization Diaolog and wants me to initialze the disk (shows the correct size of the disc), which of course doesn't work with an audio cd, and then ejects the cd.
Is there a way to get both working, or have I to shutdown and change the settings each time I want to use the other thing?


p.s.: Here's my pref-file:

disk G:\Basilisk\MacOS81.hfv
floppy A:\
scsi0 "HL-DT-ST" "DVDRAM GSA-4082B"
scsi1 <Free SCSI slot 1>
scsi2 <Free SCSI slot 2>
scsi3 <Free SCSI slot 3>
scsi4 <Free SCSI slot 4>
scsi5 <Free SCSI slot 5>
scsi6 <Free SCSI slot 6>
screen dx/1024/768/16
seriala FILE
serialb FILE
rom E:\BasiliskII-0.9.JIT-3.win32\ROM\PERFORMA.ROM
bootdrive 0
bootdriver 0
ramsize 100663296
frameskip 6
modelid 20
cpu 68040
fpu true
nocdrom true
nosound false
nogui false
noclipconvert false
nofloppyboot false
noscsi false
ntdx5hack false
rightmouse 1
keyboardfile BasiliskII_keyboard
pollmedia true
priority_ether_run 0
priority_ether_idle 0
priority_serial_in_run 0
priority_serial_in_idle 0
priority_serial_out_run 0
priority_serial_out_idle 0
priority_cpu_run 0
priority_cpu_idle -1
priority_60hz_run 1
priority_60hz_idle 1
priority_1hz_run 1
priority_1hz_idle 1
priority_pram_run 0
priority_pram_idle -1
priority_gui_run 1
priority_gui_idle 0
priority_gdi_run 0
priority_gdi_idle -1
priority_dx_run 0
priority_dx_idle -1
priority_fb_run 0
priority_fb_idle -1
priority_sound_run 0
priority_sound_idle 0
noaudio true
debugscsi 0
debugfilesys 0
debugserial 0
framesleepticks 12
showfps false
stickymenu true
etherpermanentaddress false
ethermulticastmode 0
disable98optimizations false
realmodecd false
ethernt5 {39B996A4-5C37-467A-A25E-EEE0F942EC02}
soundbuffers 4
soundbuffersize8000 2048
soundbuffersize11025 4096
soundbuffersize22050 4096
soundbuffersize44100 6144
nosoundwheninactive true
mousewheelmode 1
mousewheellines 3
mousewheelreversex false
mousewheelreversey false
mousewheelclickmode 1
mousewheelcust00 +37+3B-3B-37
mousewheelcust01 +37+3C-3C-37
usealtescape true
usealttab true
usecontrolescape true
usealtspace true
usealtenter true
disableaccuratetimer false
guiautorestart 1
gethardwarevolume true
enableextfs true
usentfsafp false
extdrives #G
typemapfile E:\BasiliskII-0.9.JIT-3.win32\BasiliskII.ftm
debugextfs 0
portfile0 C:\B2TEMP0.OUT
portfile1 C:\B2TEMP1.OUT
DX_fullscreen_refreshrate Monitor default
mousemovementmode 0
usestartupsound true
smp_ethernet 0
smp_serialin 0
smp_serialout 0
smp_cpu 0
smp_60hz 0
smp_1hz 0
smp_pram 0
smp_gui 0
smp_gdi 0
smp_dx 0
smp_fb 0
smp_audio 0
idlesleep 1
idlesleepenabled false
idletimeout 0
routerenabled false
ftp_port_list 21
disablescreensaver true
jitcachesize 8192
jitwantcmov false
jitfpu true
jitatraps false
jit true
jitlazyflush 1
Stephen Coates
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Post by Stephen Coates »

Sounds unusual. How many CD drives do you have? If you have two or more, then try enabling them both in the SCSI prefs. Please try it and let me know what happens.

BTW, welcome to emaculation :)
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Post by touchdown »

OK, I have enabled both cd drives in scsi (i haven't used the second before in Basilisk) and I still get no sound from Audio CDs. I have tried playing a MP3 CD with mpeg-dec3.11 and that worked with both drives. I have an idea of what might be the problem. My drives are not connected with the sound card with a cable. Can it be that the CD function of Basilisk uses the WinXP capability auf playing AudioCDs per Datastream but the SCSI emulation does not? Unfortunately I have no cable here to test.
Space Cadet
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Post by touchdown »

I forgot to say is that the CD player software is running normal. It plays the cd, but there is no sound.
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