Getting Crazy! can't connect to the internet!!!!

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Getting Crazy! can't connect to the internet!!!!

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I tried everything on the net! all these yellow totrial and whatever!

I have win2k, installed the network driver(comes with BII), BII + MacOS 8.1 + IE 4.1

Now, I have ADSL connection & network card for local network, my ISP just did not give me DNS numbers (and what you know I'm online), now I tried to check this NAT thing with no luck, should I just check it?

What would really be helpful is if I can make Mac act like a seperate computer on the network, where I can access my website on the same machine (using IIS), or if I can get it work online this would be enough!

Please help since I really need to resolve this before sunday.

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Well you need opentransport and a ppp thing as well.

Freeppp or Apples ppp.

Than the docs for the nat router are included with the Basilisk window version.

You open up TCP in the control panels and set up the Ethernet Manually and you need your ISP's DNS numbers.

They are usually hanging around your ISP's home website somewhere.
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some info

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OK, first off since you are on ADSL you do NOT need PPP, since PPP is for dial-up.

Open Transport is what you need installed, and most versions of Mac OS later from 7.5.3 have that installed. (In 7.5.3 you may need to run the Network Selector utility to switch to Open Transport.)

You can go to a command prompt on your PC and type: "ipconfig /all" and it will show you all you need to know about the dns servers etc your ISP uses.

Then look up the documents that are included with Basilisk II and read what settings you have to place inside the TCP/IP control panel in Mac OS.

You can get the info you need from the command you typed, it will show you everything.
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