need help with ethernet
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Author:  Rickster [ Thu Jan 09, 2003 2:11 am ]
Post subject:  need help with ethernet

when i try to choose my network card all that comes up is <None> what do i need to do to fix this. im trying to use road runner for basilisk 2

Author:  Mac Emu [ Thu Jan 09, 2003 3:04 am ]
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First of all, you will need either

1. A second IP address given to you by RR (I got it for around $10/month I believe) or
2. Your PC needs to be setup an a clent of a LAN where another computer is connected to RR and running proxy server software (or Internet Connection Sharing) or
3. You will need to release your IP under Windows using either IPCONFIG or WINIPCFG to allow Basilisk II to use the Internet. This will prevent Windows from accessing the Internet at the same time.

Back to your question, to get your Ethernet card recognized you need to install the Basilisk II Ethernet driver located in the Basilisk II directory. Depending on your Windows OS (assuming you are running the Windows port of Basilisk II), the method of adding the Basilisk II Ethernet driver (protocol) may look like this.

But the easiest way to get Basilisk II on the Internet is to read the NAT-Router FAQ.html conveniently located in your Basilisk II directory.

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