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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2003 12:33 am 
It seems that I am unable to get After Dark to run like it should.

In a previous topic, it was suggested that i turn the FPU on, it didn't help.

You see under system 8.x , It installs and runs ok, and i can choose a screensaver and demo it and everything BUT

If i hit the hotkey that is supposed to kick in the screensaver immediately, the after dark window just kinda "flashes" and i dont get a screensaver. Moving the mouse into the sleep now corner does the same thing. (So does waiting the 5 minutes that its supposed to turn on in)

Okay, figuring it was the after dark window being open that screwed things up, i closed it and hit the sleep hotkey again. This time the whole window flashed, and the emulation froze! I could move the mouse still but couldnt click on anything.

Another hunch i made- i't just doesnt get along with system 8.x

Okay, so i made another image and clean installed system 7.5.5 onto it

Except this time was even worse problems- you see i hear the macintosh startup sound, but programs inside the emulator don't generate any sounds at all. Messing with the sound control panel didnt help much either, when a sound plays, the macintosh menu bar flashes, but I hear no sound. Windows sounds work fine so i'm sure its the emulation that is acting strangely.

More sub questions:
Why does system 7x generate an illegal exception upon starting when the machine type is set to Quadra 900?

Hypercard freezes the emulation the same way after dark does as well, mouse still moves but cant click anything. Why?


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 Post subject: AfterDark
PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2003 6:49 pm 
What version of AfterDark are you running? Are you sure the files are not corrupt? Maybe it's some kind of conflict - try to disable all extensions but AfterDark. The only thing I can tell you is that I am able to run AfterDark 2.0 on MacOS 8.1 and on System 7.5.5 and the only weird thing I get is that some modules seem to change the system sound volume, even though I'd set AfterDark to "mute sound". I suggest you attach your configuration file: maybe someone will figure this out.

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