Performa Restore CD and BII

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Performa Restore CD and BII

Post by Marc »

Is there anyway that I can install the software found on my old Performa 630+ Restore CD on BII? When I try I get the message, 'there seems to be no hard disk to install to'. My HDF file is listed as an 'internal storage device' rather than a hard disk.

I have a 500Mb HardFile using OS8.0 on BII.

The original Performa, if I am right is system 7.5 and installed stuff like ClarisWorks onto a 250Mb Hardfile.

Any suggestions would be great, I'd really like to be able to use that software again.

The Balance Of Judgement
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Post by The Balance Of Judgement »

It looks like your restore CD was designed to work with SCSI Devices, not emulated disks.

It's probably looking for a hard disk attached to the SCSI port and doesn't find any. Just like if u had a floppy disk in a real mac it prob would refuse to install there, since in Basilisk II, hard disk files are nothing more than glorified external floppy disks.

You could try making a disk image with disck copy and se if that cons it into installing....if not you have to find a way to get a real disc installed on ur emulated mac.
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Post by Mac Emu »

I won't go into detail unless you are interested and have a problem doing so, but it may be possible to install the Performa CD System Software under SoftMac which supposedly supports SCSI hard drive images.

Then you could mount a second *standard* hard drive file under SoftMac, copy everything from the SCSI to the standard and try booting Basilisk II off the standard hard drive file.

But the Installer may not work as it will probably detect that "SoftMac" is a Quadra and not a Performa.

Post by Marc »

I'll give both options a try. However I don't hold up much hope for SoftMac doing it......
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