Seeking help running couple games.

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Seeking help running couple games.

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Hi, very new to this first time using this emulator.

Just found out "The current version of Basilisk cannot read Mac floppies directly."

I have both Sim City 2000 & Pathways into darkness I wish to run. I have read up on other forms post regarding how to get these working but since my knowledge is so limited my attempts didn't work out. I have both games as .dsk & .sit files but nether open on the system at all. If i honestly had more energy to put into this I'd look into but.

But simply put the fact the emulator doesn't have floppy support makes it a "too much effort for me" kinda deal. Looks like im going back to the osx remakes :(
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Re: Seeking help running couple games.

Post by 24bit »

For Windows there is Basilisk II Build 142, which does read Mac HFS HD floppies fine.
(Ctrl-Shift-F11 is used to mount a Mac floppy in Basilisk II B142)
For DOS there is Fusion PC 3.0 running is DOS mode up to Windows ME.
OSX still has read ability for HFS floppies too, given you add a USB floppy drive.
Write ability was dropped for userland with OSX 10.6 sadly.

All three solutions do have in common, that they only can hadle 1.4MB floppies.
The old Sony drives in Macs used variable rotation speeds to squeeze 800k onto a 2DD disk.
PC floppy drives can not vary their rotation speed, 800k is a no go therefore.

For your files, SIT is a compressed one which needs to be inflated with Stuffit Expander 5.5.
DSK may be mountable via the Basilisk II volumes listing. If not, DSK can be mounted by Disk Copy.
Start Disk Copy e.g. in MacOS 7.5 and drag the DSK onto the Disk copy window on your desktop.

Useful links:
Boot disk:
Disk Copy:
Stufiit: (Third DL)

Hope this was not TLTR, good luck! Its not that hard as it may look at first glance. :)
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