Error trying to run Prince of Persia 2

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Error trying to run Prince of Persia 2

Post by cuallito »

Hi, I'm trying to run PoP 2.

I get an error message that says:

Error = 10307 in

Prince of Persia 1 and some other games run fine with sound. I googled the error message, but got nothing!

I'm using the disk image here:

Any idea what it means? Thank you.
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Re: Error trying to run Prince of Persia 2

Post by Jorpho »

There was some discussion of running Prince of Persia 2 over in this thread. ... sia#p52956

I would suspect that the disk image is somehow missing files or is otherwise corrupted. If you copied the files to a Windows folder and then copied them back to an HFV volume, that could do it. Did you just mount pop2.hfs in Basilisk, or did you do something else to it?
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