Bard's Tale on Mini vMac

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Bard's Tale on Mini vMac

Post by jwlist »

Hi -

Thanks so much for the site, I pretty easily set up a Mini vMac on my MBP 2013.

I'm trying to load "Bard's Tale I: Tales of the Unknown", but am unable to. Other games downloaded from Emaculation work just fine. But the file I'm using doesn't do anything at all (apparently) - not even an error message.

Any help or ideas?

File I'm using is at this URL:

(using the Mac version, of course).

Not sure if anybody still checks these forums, but figured it's worth a shot.


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Re: Bard's Tale on Mini vMac

Post by Jorpho »

Well, the file appears to be intact.

How did you decompress it? Did you end up with an app called "BardsTale" and two folders named "Characters" and Data" ?
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Re: Bard's Tale on Mini vMac

Post by IsredBear »

I have the EXACT same question and I downloaded the Bards Tale game from the url. I used whatever my max os ver 10.11 used to unzip the files. I managed to get the Mini vMac emulator to run on some levels, but I can't get the emulator itself to look into my mac itself. I'm having a difficult time figuring out the boot image stuff for one thing and then how to run Bards Tale I mac version.
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Re: Bard's Tale on Mini vMac

Post by 24bit »

For MiniVMac it is more convenient to have game files in an .dsk or .img container.
I will add such image to the page here: (3rd DL)

Seems like the game runs equally well with Basilisk II and SheepShaver.
A disk image container is not really needed for those. ;)
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