MPW-GM ISO for Mini vMac 26, System 7

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MPW-GM ISO for Mini vMac 26, System 7

Post by leeeoooooo »

I have found a copy of MPW-GM, but it's an ISO file.

ImportFL doesn't know what to do with either the ISO image nor the one folder I can copy off that ISO image. Trying to import the folder rewards me with "unexpected error." This is not enough information for me to figure out what is wrong.

Is it too big? It it entirely the wrong format?

I know we used to read CD-ROMs under System 7. Is there any way to convert the ISO image OR the folder from the ISO image into a format Mini vMac 26 (Mac II) will accept?
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Re: MPW-GM ISO for Mini vMac 26, System 7

Post by WizKid »

If you're referring to the final MPW GM build (circa 1999), then it mounts fine in Qemu.

Try copying the contents to a plain HFS (*not* HFS+) disk image and try mounting that in Mini vMac
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Re: MPW-GM ISO for Mini vMac 26, System 7

Post by adespoton »

FYI, Macintosh Garden has macintosh-programmers-workshop, where that same disc image is the first item available -- but it's in .img.bin format instead of .toast. This means it's a Disk Copy image in MacBinary format, which is perfect for importing to Mini vMac.
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