Mini vMac 3.1.3: Now Released (December 7)

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Mini vMac 3.1.3: Now Released (December 7)

Post by ClockWise »

New Mini vMac:

"Mini vMac 3.1.3 is now officially released (with no change from the final beta, as usual). Mini vMac 3.1.3 is rather old news by now, which is how it should be. There should be no surprises in the stable version. The Changes file lists what has changed since Mini vMac 3.0.4."

And there is a new alpha available also:

"There is also today a Mini vMac 3.2.0 alpha. It is early in the development of the 3.2.x branch, but since Macintosh II emulation is so much improved since 3.1.3, I've decided to make some official binaries. (There isn't too much change from the previous development snapshot, except for more accurate timing.)"

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Re: Mini vMac 3.1.3: Now Released (December 7)

Post by yksoft1 »

My minivmac-3.2.0alpha Win32 VC6 builds: ... 86.7z.html
MinivMac II FPU emulator code has been cleaned up a lot and will build in VC6 with no changes. Booting speed of IIx 8M has been improved a bit.
The build system has also been changed a bit: Default memory size for II and IIx has been raised to 8M.
I also compiled my MacOSX builds with XCode 2.5.
Image ... r.bz2.html
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No color?

Post by fanman93 »

Do I have to manually put in the code to get the color (I just tried it with 7.5.5 and it didn't work), or am I doing something wrong?
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Post by prowler »

Selected Mini vMac 3.1.3 Variations are now available with no activation required.
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